The catering system has now been fully updated. This will show details of the monetary value of items that students have eaten – it will not accurately reflect the actual meals they have had.


There are a number of students who have negative balances on their account and Derbyshire County Council catering would like to respectfully ask that these balances are cleared as a priority.

Students with a negative balance on their account on Monday 12 November will be given a meal but will be informed that they need to inform their parents/carers to put money on their account.

After Monday 12 November students who do not have any money on their account will revert to the previous procedure in school in being sent to Student Services to contact home for permission to loan money from the school to pay for their meals.


Any queries or concerns please email where your query will be dealt with either by the school or by Derbyshire County Council catering where appropriate.


Parents/Carers will be informed where there are balances outstanding for students on Free School Meals.