Heritage Students get a helping Hand from Hotel Van Dyk

Massive thank you to Van Dyk Hotel who have donated 10 pairs of amazing oven gauntlets to the school for use in the catering rooms.

On Wednesday 16 January 2019 Donna Mcmahon who is the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of the Wildes Group, visited the school to present the oven gauntlets to a group of Year 10 GCSE catering students who were in the middle of an experimental lesson producing a variety of shortcrust pastry dishes whilst finding out the effect of how long kneading the mixture had on the overall outcome.

Ms Mcmahon spent some time with the students, watching what they were making and discussing the various products that were being made, and was very impressed with their level of knowledge.  She spoke to the students about their visit to the hotel that had taken place in November 2018.  Mr Barnston, the Head of Creative Faculty informed Ms Mcmahon that the students were so inspired after their visit and the time that Mr Wildes spent with them showing them around the kitchen and other areas of the hotel that they had come back into school and had since tried to replicate some of the recipes.

Mr Barnston was extremely happy with the new oven gauntlets which he says will continue to keep the students at Heritage High School safe while taking part in their practical lessons whilst using the ovens.

The photographs show Ms McMahan speaking to the students before handing over the oven gauntlets to Leon Widdowson, one of the Year 10 students.