Heritage High School Closure

15 July 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to inform you that during the weekend the school IT systems have been attacked by a serious ransomware virus that has taken down all of the school servers. This means that we currently do not have any access to telephones, emails or any electronic versions of personal data in school. At present we have no indication of how long it will take to restore our systems and have access to our data, telephones and emails.

This data breach has been reported to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in line with GDPR requirements and we are also working with the National Cyber Security Crimes division of Scotland Yard and Derbyshire Constabulary.

Whilst it is unlikely due to the nature of the virus, there is a possibility that any data held by the school which includes personal information relating to you such as telephone numbers and addresses, could have been copied from our system along with personal information that we hold relating to your child such as date of birth and any additional information relating to special needs for example. This does not include any details that you may have used through parent pay such as bank account numbers and/or debit or credit card details as this information is not held by the school.

In consultation with the Health and Safety Manager from The Two Counties Trust we have completed a risk assessment on all areas affected and due to concerns surrounding the safeguarding of our students relating to absence monitoring and contacting home, I feel that we have no option other than to close the school to students on Tuesday 16 July and Wednesday 17 July. We are currently planning that the school will be open as normal on Thursday 18 July, however we will assess the situation and notify parents/carers as soon as possible using School Comms or through the website.

I appreciate that this will cause some problems for parents/carers with regards to childcare arrangements and apologise for any inconvenience but feel that we have no option other than to take this course of action.

We are planning for the Year 9 visit to Lea Green to go ahead and will be contacting parents/carers individually to inform them of the arrangements for this. However, we feel it necessary to cancel the athletics fixture due to take place on Tuesday 16 July 2019 as we have no way of transporting the students to and from the school.

Yours sincerely



Mr R Marlow