Ready to Learn – Respect Poster 2020

At Heritage High School we believe that outstanding behaviour generates a positive climate for learning and helps students develop into balanced, socially aware citizens. Good behaviour and strong discipline go hand in hand with effective teaching and learning.

The RESPECT poster (above link) depicts the basic expectations of all stakeholders at Heritage High School. The school’s behaviour policy is summarised in the Behaviour Matters leaflet (above link); the full behaviour policy is also available in the policy section of the website.

In 2013 and 2015, Ofsted graded behaviour and safely as “Good”. In the most recent inspection (March 2015), Ofsted graded behaviour and safety as “Good” and stated that “Behaviour is good. They are polite and respectful towards adults and each other.”. Please see below some of Ofsted’s  statements regarding behaviour, attendance and safety in 2011 and 2013 respectively:

“Behaviour is good…the implementation of the ‘ready to learn’ policy is helping to reduce exclusions significantly…The great majority of students form good relationships with each other and adults…Students are unanimous in their view that they feel safe, and are confident that they can turn to adults if they experience problems…”(Ofsted 2011)

“Behaviour is good and, in some lessons, it is exemplary…Students are keen to do well…Students work well in pairs and groups in lessons…Students are proud of their school and they feel safe…Students show respect for adults and for the building…Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well…”(Ofsted 2013)

Mr D Steed, Assistant Headteacher