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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at Heritage High School“Don’t tell us what to do, but be with us for the journey”Whilst Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is a critical part of a student’s education whilst at school, the conversations and learning that happen at home are the most influential on students and the decisions they make. The information contained in the Careers section of the website should be both informative and supportive, in helping you to understand what the CEIAG available to students in school, but also with a variety of ways for you to support independent research and encourage conversations about careers and next steps.In schoolThrough a wide variety of activities, lessons, visits and one-to-one career appointments, students are able to gain valuable knowledge about jobs and courses that may be of interest to them at various stages throughout their life. Our dedicated Careers Advisor, Miss O’Connell, is in school each week on Mondays and Fridays to provide the support students need to help them make a well-informed, realistic decision about what to do after leaving Year 11 and help students to think further ahead about what they may wish to do in the future.

As a school we welcome contact from any organisations and training providers who may wish to come in and speak with our students, this may be through assemblies, workshops/activities or classroom sessions.


At home

CEIAG isn’t just about what students learn in school, support at home and research in to different options plays a big part in developing a young person’s understanding of different jobs, employment and further study. It is important to visit open days and have discussions with your child to help them with their decision making. In order to support this, click here [list of websites as below] to view a list of websites that can be useful for students at all stages of the decision making process. You can also use the LMI and Apprenticeship links on the Apprenticeships menu on this page to help you find more information.


If you or your child have any questions or concerns about GCSE Options, next steps after Year 11, University, or Career information, please contact the school’s Career Advisor, Miss O’Connell; alternatively, you can phone the school reception and ask to speak with Miss O’Connell.

There are a List of useful websites that can be found on the Website links section within this Careers page on the website

Career Contacts


Careers Leaders: Laura O’Connell CEIAG Coordinator & Emma Kingham (Senior Leadership Team Link)

Employability Governor: Peter Dolby (Chair of Governors) & Maureen Sweeney