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* Year 10 Work Experience is the 5th June – 16th June 2017*


Students at Heritage High School Take Part in Rolls-Royce Pure Flight Workshop

Students at Heritage High School were given hands-on Engineering lessons with the experts during workshops with Rolls-Royce graduates.

Two graduates from R-R ran the event at Heritage High School for 24 Year 9 students.

During the workshops, students were asked to use their engineering know-how to design and build a small glider and a competition was held to see which one flew the furthest.

Mrs Oley-Jones, Alternative Curriculum & Achievement Co-ordinator at Heritage High School, said everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  She said “It’s really an introduction to engineering and what it’s all about and it also creates links between the academy and industry and makes students think about the possibilities of apprenticeships.” “It’s also about getting girls involved as well as the boys. There’s a wide range of careers in engineering and it’s about raising aspirations, putting it into context and bringing it to life.”

Jamie Woolley, one of the graduate engineers from Rolls-Royce who ran the workshops said it was all about opening students’ eyes to STEM subjects

He said: “It’s all about promoting Science Technology Maths and Engineering and the jobs that are available in these areas. They were a really enthusiastic group and did really well. “

We are currently looking at the possibility for Rolls Royce to come back to Heritage to run the workshops with another group of students.


Your top 5 links for the new year 

  1. How to develop skills
  2. Information about apprenticeships
  3. Advice from people in the industry
  4. Industry and sector information
  5. Subject-specific inform