Key Stage 3 (Years 7,8 and 9)

On admission the Year 7 students will be divided into classes according to their ability level. They will also be placed into a vertical tutor group (mixed ability and mixed ages). We pay particular attention to developing the most suitable learning pathway for all our students according to their individual preferred learning style. We review each student’s progress at regular intervals and this may result in some class changes so that we can ensure everyone makes at least expected progress. However we strive to ensure to that all our students are given the opportunity to make better than expected progress.

All students at Key Stage 3 study English, Mathematics, Science, Design Technology. Computing, Spanish or French, Physical Education, Dance, Drama, Music, History, Geography, Religious Education and a Social Development course that incorporates Personal and Social Health Education, Citizenship and Careers Education.

What is the school’s role and the aim for KS 3? 

  • To ensure the effective transition from Key Stage 2 and build on what has been achieved at primary school.
  • To challenge the students from the first day to make sure there is no stalling of student progress as they move between one school and the next.
  • To introduce the students to a wide range of exciting and interesting lessons and subjects which will enthuse them to do well.
  • To ensure a high standard of teaching that challenges students to become more independent learners, giving them the skills to think and learn for themselves.
  • To prepare students for the adult world and give them the skills and knowledge they need for life-long learning.
  • To give students the confidence to join in the house system activities which will enable them to enjoy the positive ethos of the school for which they will be rewarded.
  • To ensure that all students are achieving at least in line with their expected progress targets.  Students struggling to meet their targets will be identified through the school’s tracking systems and given support to get back on track.

 Although KS3 needs to be a time of increasing independence for our students, they still need the support of their parents and carers.  We hope you will be involved and take an interest in what they are doing and contact school whenever you feel the need to discuss their individual progress.