Key Stage 4 (Years 9,10 and 11)

Key Stage 4 is the time for students to concentrate on individual areas of strength while maintaining a balance and keeping future option choices open.

We are pleased with the structure of our Key Stage 4 curriculum and believe it offers a balance between the purely academic courses and vocational qualifications often working alongside industry and local training agencies. We have created a curriculum that ensures we meet the requirements of the National Curriculum but still maintains breadth and personal choice for all our students.

Having analysed performance at GCSE in the options columns across recent years we reached the decision that students and staff need more time to deliver and study these courses.  As it has been a priority not to reduce students’ choices as a commitment to maintaining four option columns, we have decided to start the teaching of those subjects in Year 9.  We believe that this change gives students more time to thrive and reach their full potential across 9 challenging GCSE or vocational courses.  It means that your child will go through an Options process in Year 8.  We combine the Year 8 Options evening with Parents Evening so that you can talk to your child’s teachers about appropriate choices as well as their progress in that subject during Year 8.  Where there are new subjects on offer at KS4, staff are present to consult with you about their details.

All students are required to study English, Mathematics, Science, Social Development (which incorporates Citizenship Religious Education and Careers) and Physical Education. Each student will also be required to take a Humanities subject (either Geography or History) or a Modern Foreign Language (Spanish or French). They will then be able to add to this list from a range of options based on suitability and Post-16 choices.  All students will have an options interview with a member of SLT before making their final choices.

We are also very active members of the Bolsover and District Learning Community.

The school prides itself on having a curriculum that not only reflects the latest Government initiatives but first and foremost is structured to meet the needs of our students.